Sunday, September 25, 2011

New inspiration. Thanks, Looney Tunes!

I am often surprised by how little I actually draw over the summer. I might list what seems like endless ideas on the back of my sketchbooks, while the paper is more blank and begging than ever.

This summer most of my work was dedicated to studying more dimensional animals. I have been disappointed that a majority of my artwork appears flat. This is not ideal for the animation I am interested in. And is frankly not very appealing.

I began with the basics and came back with more that I could have ever anticipated! I have only studied a couple of characters and already I feel as if my style has been refreshed. (I still need help with my people, and hope to post my studies on them in the near future.)

These are my Claude studies. Notice I attempted understand color points using shading.

Here are a couple of Penelope. I drew this one from "For scentimental reasons."

Egads! What happened, Chuck?

Kitten Pussyfoot, which was the smallest of all the drawings.
(Notice a trend? Of course I chose to start with cats!)

After my studies, I utilized what I learned and created my own designs. I am very happy with how they turned out! I earned a new level of expressiveness and depth!

Looks like a Herbie! Or a Chester. or Wendell...

This looks the most like my style...

Love this one! I still wish I might have exaggerated all of these a little more, though.

More to come!

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