Sunday, September 25, 2011

There is a solution!

Towards the third trimester of my last school year, I began some independent classes.

Among these were English and History. The requirement for my independent English class was to write an essay once every week.
I love writing nonfiction essays! I have only ever been asked to write a historical essay once during my entire public school education, and it was fantastic! A+. No corrections. It is something I am very proud of, so you could understand my joy when I was told I could get my High school English credits by writing essays about whatever I wanted as long as I had something to show for it once a week.
My historical interests lie in early to mid century America, culture conflict, stereotypes, trade among nations, and of course, animation history which is the subject of most of my essays.

Unfortunately for me, very few people have the chance to lay eyes on my essays. Which normally includes my parents and my high school adviser who grades my papers. Very occasionally I can badger a friend into reading one; quickly dawning the signature tight lipped and toothy smile, they attempt to wriggle their way out of my clingy (and moist?) hold of friendship.

"You owe me."

A little over a month ago, I noticed it had been over one year since my last post when it hit me: I can post my essays here! (Two birds with one stone, y'see.)

The school year is looking up and I think we have a plan that will work for me!

Next episode: Mel's parent's get involved.

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